Security Surveillance Solution

  • The need to deploy security measures today in society is increasing. The application of video observation system as a means of monitoring has become increasingly popular. However, the technology features of today's video surveillance revealed a certain number of limitations, such as:
  • Depending hardware, not flexible solution (you have selected a category of hardware is very difficult to change hardware and other technology.)
  • Difficulties in the expansion, instead.
  • The image transmission and storage of unstable always require large storage capacity.
  • Unable to integrate and implement functions such as vehicle number plate recognition, image analysis and facial recognition.
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So, along with the increasing demands of video surveillance systems, DNC Technology has quickly put the technology has been strong growth in the world and particularly in countries with advanced technology platform US and European markets deployed in Vietnam. Deploying video surveillance system technology by VMS (Video Management Software) of DNC Technology has following characteristics:

  • Capable of supporting more than 3,000 kinds of cameras.
  • Management 99/262 cameras on one server and an unlimited number of servers.
  • Management function on the map.
  • Function control operation mode of the camera and the server.
  • Integrate, migrate or change the camera easily have enabled the copyright.
  • The data is stored in the VI / MACRO SQL.
  • Users have the ability to search the recorded video in real time (real-time) or pre-defined event or any video at a time to access.
  • The scope and diversity of users: chain stores, the banking system, buildings, offices, industrial buildings, public areas ....
  • Used independently or can be integrated with other systems such as access control, time attendance, license plate recognition, face recognition ....
  • Ability to report on the different types of files.
  • Easy to install, configure and operate.
  • Many intelligent features of the software are included in the IP camera without having to use Sensor.
  • 24/7 operation.
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The benefits

  • Optimize system performance through the VMS.
  • Get the management features on the map, a video wall, extract data by events ... ..
  • Flexibility in implementation: diversity scale deployment (of scale for a scale area to connect many different locations through the Internet), integrating many different types of cameras, multiple choice in the storage and data backup.
  • Easily expand from simply adding a small amount of cameras to expand business scale.
  • Easy maintenance of the entire system during operation.
  • Having the ability to integrate with access control systems, license plate recognition, face recognition, image analysis ....
  • Having the ability to convert existing monitoring system of the customer to use the VMS system.
  • The ability to use devices Power over Ethernet (PoE) allows a cable to process data and provide power to the IP Camera.
  • Significantly reduce the cost of investment and operation.
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Application range

DNC offer a package of products Control Advanced Security standards, security technology the United States and Europe. System engineers are DNC together with our partners to create integrated products security control for synchronous and focus areas: Residential, Schools system, the system Center Commerce / Supermarket, Apartment and Building, Restaurant system - Hotel and Resort, chain convenience stores or showrooms, Fast Food chain (Fast Foods) / Coffee, Hospital or Clinic system, system system Center Education / Vocational Training, office building, Banking system, Enterprise (office, factory, branch) and government organizations - IP Video Surveillance with optimum solutions.

VMS (Video Management Software) is one integrated software application with powerful configuration. VMS allows the Manager, the Manager monitor the entire production network or business focus in many places at one location anywhere in the world. VMS functionality does not stop in the management and supervision but also integrated Security management and control many other devices: control / out; control of working hours of employees (timekeeping system); identify and control the license plates to headquarters; ... On the first screen of the VMS application.
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DNC Technology brings benefits to its customers

As a partner of many technology group active in the field of security leading US and Europe, DNC Technology provides advanced technologies in the field of security in the world to domestic customers. In parallel with the deployment of technology, DNC Technology service provider in Europe and America style. Hope in an effort to benefit their customers, DNC Technology will increasingly be the customers trust and support.

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